Our Story - Page 3


Joe pulled through 16 weeks later. He celebrated his third birthday back at Treliske Hospital in Cornwall. The severity of the SJS had taken its toll on Joe's health.

Joe had lost all his nails and had been left with chronic renal failure, chronic lung disease,(relying on oxygen and VPAP) dry eyes, bone marrow problems. This meant he required regular blood transfusions and he was also prone to infections and required weekly blood tests to monitor his kidney function.

Bristol Intensive Care Bristol intensive care Bristol hospital intensive care sepsis

Joe has also managed to fight off over 10 superbugs whilst convalescing. He was a miracle boy with a cheeky smile.

We cared for Joe 24/7 and it was a privilege, we had excellent support from the Hospital, community and Diana nursing teams.

Over the next 18 months Joes health deteriorated and Joe needed more and more treatment.

In July 2007 Joes lungs where increasingly weak and he became more dependant on VPAP (home ventilation) and constant antibiotics.

Joe and Megan at Bristol Renial Unit Joe's first visit back home after SJS Joe at Treliske Hospital on his 3rd birthday

Through all this he smiled, laughed and inspired the people around him.